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Targeted, precision delivery for the next generation of genetic technology

Phoreus Biotechnology

Phoreus Biotechnology, Inc. is the provider of two proprietary technology platforms with the capacity to revolutionize precision delivery of the next generation of genetic vaccines and therapeutics. Our Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules™️️ (BAPC™️️) and Corralling Amphipathic Peptide Colloids™️️ (CAPC™️️) offer substantially increased efficacy in the creation and delivery of novel vaccines, cancer therapies, conventional small molecules and biopesticides for improved human, animal, plant and environmental health around the world. Phoreus technology will improve thermostability of fragile nucleic acid components, potentially eliminating expensive cold chain storage requirements for these revolutionary new vaccines and therapeutics.

Learn how our technology works below.

BAPC technology

Branched Amphipathic Peptide Capsules (BAPC) are self-assembling nanocarriers functioning as delivery vehicles that overcome many of the poor absorption issues that plague certain classes of drugs. Proteins, peptides and nucleic acids can be bound to the surface of the BAPC nanomaterial for protected and targeted delivery.

More robust than lipid vesicles, BAPC are programmable in size ranging from 6-2000 nanometres. Their supramolecular self-assembly forms solvent-filled bilayer delineated capsules capable of encapsulating fluorescent dyes, radionuclides and metal colloids for diagnostic and cancer therapy applications.

BAPC have application in developing the next generation of vaccines, cancer therapies and agricultural biopesticides.

CAPC technology

Corralling Amphipathic Peptide Colloids (CAPC) allow for efficient encapsulation and improved cellular uptake of oils and other hydrophobic active ingredients. This groundbreaking technology creates complete water solubility of hydrophobic molecules, improving the delivery and efficacy of many existing products across a wide range of industries. CAPC have the same surface binding capacity as BAPC.

CAPC are programmable in size from 100-800 nanometers. Their supramolecular self-assembly forms monolayer colloids that encapsulate virtually any hydrophobic solvent. This allows for controlled delivery of small molecules that are traditionally difficult to solubilize in water and delivered within biological systems.

CAPC have applications in developing the next generation of vaccines, cancer therapies and agricultural biopesticides, as well as improving delivery of existing small molecule therapeutics.

Why are Phoreus products the right choice?

Our products are priced more competitively than current products

We make it simple to move from in-vitro research to in-vivo application

We help your products work better, providing superior results

We are devoted to improving human, environmental, and animal health